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About Triad Lawn and Landscaping

Since 1983, Triad Lawn & Landscape has been in the business of offering personalized solutions for homeowners and commercial enterprises.

Terry Johnson, owner & founder of Triad Lawn and Landscape, personally oversees every project. When you call for a quote regarding lawn maintenance, Terry will come meet you. If you’re looking for options to make your landscape unique, Terry will bring his 30 years of experience to your doorstep.

Terry’s vision is to ensure that every customer realizes the results they desire, whether it’s creating a great looking lawn, or developing a totally customized landscape. If you want to execute a project over several seasons, Terry will devise a plan to suit your budget.

Even the popular “6-Step Lawn Maintenance Program” will be customized to your lawn’s specific needs, which takes into account sun, shade, trees, slopes, rainfall, and so on. For example, if you live in a wooded area, Terry will ensure that the appropriate seed will be applied that will thrive in a shaded environment.

No job is too big, or too small. The first quote for your property is always free, and Triad Lawn & Landscaping is fully licensed (including Pesticide Application), and insured, including workmen’s comp.

Thinking of Doing It Yourself?

Consider this…on average, Triad Lawn & Landscaping can complete most jobs for about 30% more than if you were to go to a “big box” store, or local nursery, and were to purchase all of the materials you needed. Add the time together for getting what you need, and then actually performing the needed tasks…How much is that worth to you? Plus, do you really have all the right tools to do it the right way?

Price it both ways…We not only believe we provide a better value; we also provide a better quality of product than you could ever get on
your own.